Transactional SMS
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Send Transactional SMS and ensure instant delivery and quick reports. #1 Transactional SMS service and gateway provider in India for 24×7 SMS, HTTP API with unique sender ID.

Are you worried about branding along with sales and leads? If yes, Transactional SMS is the best choice you can opt for. You can use any Bulk SMS service you want to, but all types are not similar and intended towards various goals. This particular type has an immense tendency to meet all your business requirements.

You can avail our service with an extremely reasonable price, all included features and most importantly with a proper support to address your entire issue. Unlike Long-Code and Short-Code services, this has widespread features which are the reason behind its popularity in last few couple of years.

Transactional SMS Working Principle

This is based on a unique 6 character sender ID (e.g. – TM-SKLEIC) which can allow you to set your business or a part of it for better authority. Whatever your purpose of sending messages, you need to compose it within a 160 character limit. However, this limit is different and depends upon the scheme you’re using.

You can easily target even DND service activated numbers and one can experience a hassle-free mechanism when working with us.

Who Need This?

A registered person or a company / organization in general need this Transactional SMS service. As a company, it’s a basic need to update your customers with information like purchase / transaction confirmations, various updates on your products, feedback and so on. The list is actually vast and for all, the best answer is Transactional SMS.

Here is some basic document list you need to produce before availing this service.

  • Company / Business registration certificate.
  • Undertaking on letterhead.
  • Identification proof.

Transactional SMS Features

Some of the features of transactional SMS are listed below. Go through them for better promotion of your business.

  • Six character sender ID
  • 24×7 Delivery
  • Quick Reports
  • Send SMS in English
  • Schedule SMS for Future
  • Instant Delivery
  • Delivery on DND numbers as well

Mobile Number:+91 8885466255

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