Terms and Conditions – SMS Take

Like others, client relationship is significant for us. To achieve that all the way during our work process, it’s necessary for us and our clients to read, understand and agree to this entire Terms and Condition.

We started our journey in the year 2010 and are engaged in Bulk SMS services by providing both quality and support. Before reading further, we would like to say thanks for all our existing customers and welcome new members by ensuring high quality service.

To maintain that in a way it should be, it’s highly recommended from us for all our visitors to go through this entire write-up (Terms and Conditions). These below mentioned points are intended towards a mutual bonding between the website and its readers.

Note*: Beside these sections, please Contact Us through prescribed methods mentioned over the page for any further matters.

Right to Change these Terms

Bulk SMS service is not a onetime process. It’s subjected to Govt rules and regulations and apart from this for new implementations, we need to alter SMS Take website. However, such changes are not often but we can’t really predict when it happens.

Reformed regulations may come if required and we have the right to change this Terms of service based on new requirements. It’s recommended for our entire users’ to check this page in a regular time period for such updates. If you’re following the same and by the time our terms changed, without any objection you’ve to abide by those rules.

Website Content

Content related to our services and all other stuff is based on SMS Take criteria and are purely belongs to us. It includes all content, images, infographics, videos, etc. No one is allowed to use these for any commercial purpose. These all are free to share with your friends and family over any social or non-social platforms.

If something goes wrong, you can directly communicate with us through our contact details. If content or any other stuff is not worth full for you, you can directly communicate with us. However from inside us, we shall try our level best to provide precise information to you personally.

Internal/External Links

Internal links that are present in most of our website pages are for providing additional or related information to our users. If you’re following such links, we’re wholly responsible for matter present over there. Make sure that, these are just additional benefits for you.

On the other hand, if required, in some cases we may use links to other website which are called as external links. These will be used mainly under our blog section and all those links will redirect you to corresponding official authorities. Before making use of them, it’s noticeable to mention that it will redirect you a different website and you should go all of the way through their stipulations.

Copyright and Trademarks

All contents, Pdf and video materials, logo and other related stuff that are present in this website are the property of “SMS TAke” and protected under applicable property rights. Without appropriate permission, you shouldn’t make use of all these stuff for any commercial purpose.

Communication Medium

We have our own preference over the way our communication will be done. In order to make it simple, we have a proper Contact Us page which contains Address details, Map, Phone numbers and Email id that are belongs to us. Please find it for your communication with us. You can do the same in our social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

Make sure that, all other methods apart from this shall not be entertained. We are also not responsible if you receive any information from any other source. We’ll be glad if you can notify us regarding such issues and if possible forward those to us. It can be helpful determining the root of such issues in order to avoid any such adversity.