Custom SMS Sender Id Service in India

Send SMS with a customer sender Id in India. Our service enables you to compose your message with a unique identification that will flash in your customers’ mobile.

Custom SMS sender ID is a name or number that uniquely acts as your business identification. This is the ID which flashes on your customers’ mobile screen whenever they receive an SMS from your business. This is a simple character string and should follow some certain criteria.

From SMSTake, this is a free and user friendly service. You can integrate this sender ID service with any of your Transactional or Promotional SMS plan.

Send Message with Custom SMS Sender ID

The major benefit of custom SMS sender ID service is business promotion and authority. The best option for you is, you can use an abbreviation of your business name as your sender id which can be recognized by your targeted customers. It is absolutely a free service and can be change dynamically any number of times.

SMS Sender Id Rules and Criteria

  • For configure SMS sender id, you need to choose a 6 character string.
  • Mustn’t contain blank space.
  • Must not contain punctuation or any other special characters.
  • For India Sender id, 6 characters are accepted for transactional messages.
  • Service is completely free and can be integrated with your current plan.
  • You can change it any number of time but required an approval.

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