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Bulk SMS is one of the leading bulk SMS service providers in Andhra Pradesh and the Telangana States. We offer bulk SMS services in many districts of these two states as per requirements of the clients with cost effective services. We have the reputation of providing reliable services to our clients over the past few years. Now, we are planning to expand in Trivandrum city of Kerala state Bulk SMS Service in Trivandrum.

Bulk SMS offers various services to its customers for meeting the requirements of both business and individuals. Our services include Promotional SMS, Transactional SMS, API Integration, Custom SMS and much more. We also offer Group SMS with regional language options.

Our cost effective and reliable services have made us a prominent role player in this market. Bulk SMS is created on an easy-to-use web based platform service that can be accessible to all types of business and individuals.

Our SMS API services are designed as simple as possible for sending or receiving SMS in an easy and fast manner. It holds all the information that a client need. Our services are for business texting. We offer better service after sales which made us stand proudly in the field of Bulk SMS.

SMS Take | Bulk SMS Trivandrum

Our Bulk SMS Gateway is a method of distributing an SMS (Short Messaging Service) or text message with or without the mobile phone.

Bulk SMS Service in Trivandrum City:

Bulk SMS Service in Trivandrum City will surely make the clients happy. The business will be in your city which will help our clients to develop their business at a rapid rate. The Various services that are offered by us in Trivandrum City are :

Promotional SMS

Transactional SMS

API integration

Group SMS



The various business organizations that can be benefited by the BULK SMS Services are :

  • SCHOOL MANAGEMENT Software for Schools, Colleges, and Universities
  • Hospitals
  • Film Industry
  • Tours Travels
  • Hotels
  • Car Resellers
  • Pawn Brokers
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Real estate
  • HR Consultants
  • Automobile Industry
  • Couriers
  • Distributors
  • Banks

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